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Training the BC Eagles at Warwick high School

Training the BC Eagles at Warwick high School

Training at Harriman Park

Training at Harriman Park

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Tony Surin Training

Tony Surin Training


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Despite the name, this camp, is not just for point guards! Being a point guard isn’t just a position on a basketball team, it’s a commitment to a way of life and the position of leadership in a team game.  The skills and information taught in this camp are what every great point guard must know, but players who learn to play intelligently and to lead effectively are always more valuable to their teams, no matter what position they play, all positions are welcome.

About Us

PG Camp was founded by Trainer Tony Surin. We provide training to boys and girl from 8 years old to beyond..

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Tony Surin is your trainer at PG Camp. With over 15 years of experience including numerous awards and recognition of this talent and skills on the basketball court

We provide:
One-on-One Training
Group Training
Assistant Coaching